Lord of the rings online

Rick ‘Sapience’ Heaton leaves Lotro! This way very unexpected for me as I saw “Official discussion about community changes”. I consider him very good community manager and should I create a perfect mmorpg – Rick Heaton would for surely be there. Now he goes for another field – fundraising for child hospitals. Wherever he goes, whatever he does – I will really miss him on the forums. His “pew pew” avatar. His philosophy of “Soon” and his patience to deal with lots of forum problems.

I almost failed to notice we have summer “festival”, yet this time I feel no need to visit it. Grind some tokens for a mount I won’t use? No, thanks. Some maps which I do have? No, thanks. Fancy cosmetics I won’t wear? No, thanks.

NaktiesKarys moved from Dol Amroth to another town with task board, milestone and stables. Here I feel way better. The only time I had to leave to Thorins Hall was to craft lvl.28 weapon for kinnie. Once again, we had competition (there were 2 weaponsmiths) which I have won. Was lucky enough to achieve critical success. Looks like in this kinship we have a competition “who would help lower lvl kinnie first”. Almost always there are some crafters or not-so-busy player ready to rush for help. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose…but whovever loses, lower level kinnie wins. That’s what counts.

StormSong got a bit tired in Lothlorien (only repetative quests remain) and thus has finished book 6. Met with Lady Galadriel, travelled with Legolas and Gimli. Died once, when I pulled too many monsters: my fault, next time I pulled only 2, then ranged AoE others and was victorious.  Returned to Moria (which is no longer that grumpy and evil). Did some solo instances. Finally, book 6 is finished. Book 7 will be finished soon. Once again my minstrel rocks, nuking enemies from distance, self-healing and fearing too little in her way. I am to reach level 63 soon (+1 trait point), some day will ask Kinship help with Turtle raid: I do need lvl.60 first age Songbook. Stormsong is forced to return to Moria, do many quests and some instances there.

Yet I am satisfied with my Minstrel. It won’t be long when she enters green and inviting Rohan, nuke trolls and trees in Limlight Gorge and quickly do all epic quests in Western Gondor.

And so the day has ended. If community loss is not in count – the day has been very good in Lotro. Days without Gondor, days of fun and joy.