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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did some dailies in Gondor at one pirate-infested island. Kill corsairs, treat killed (!) sick corsairs (Red cross, where are you?), do other stuff. Tried to locate boat, boat was not there, tried to swim – got “treacherous water”, 2000 damage every 2 seconds. Dead, but boat was near me – travel back to unfriendly DA. Had nothing more left to do…and when one kinnie asked for help, I rushed to offer. Wel, I was not alone, there were 4 more. Sometimes I think it is a race – who will help first. This time I was lucky. Kinnie was lvl.12 and she needed some fight near Kheledul Docks, swarming with evil Dourhands. First, I killed one named Dourhand, then we came through Docks killing everything on sight. It was nice, though I can only dream about carnage my Minstrel could do there…I had fun, kinnie had fun…and then she had to go.

DunedanMule was too happy enough to craft Captain Man-at-arms armaments for one player. At least one time my Tailor was usefull to anyone outside Kin. Otherwise, she just crafts emblems, all of them – and would later exchange small into medium, medium – into large and large emblems would be hoarded in the vault.

StormSong was the only beam of light in the game. She ran through Lothlorien, taking every quest, fighting every single monster, fearing almost nothing, even enjoying AoE attacks. Minstrel is such superb class, full of fun – a pity I have chosen Champion; a pity, Turbine won’t let me change class.

However, questing/deeding was going good. I do remember to shoot every monster that suits any deed. And – since it is Lothlorien- I have to bear in mind some animals are protected by Elves. Things were going almost perfect:slaying, exploring, looting, gaining lots of xp.

And then one kinnie organized Haudh Valandil. level 55 instance, could be just for my Minstrel. I volunteered, asked if I was needed as DPS or as healer. A pity, I was told to be DPS. Things were going good untill we  met one unfriendly troll, he threw most of us from the bridge (and I was too busy with dps’ing, forgot to revive). Then, final bosses. Fire limfavrns that almost killed me (if you take away their health, same health is taken from you), bosses at the end. Lots of attacks, screams, tons of heals. Our healer-Minstrel was almost the real star: if not him, we would be dead too soon. I wish I was with him, spamming AoE heals. We were victorious, looted some usefull things and I could return to my golden Lothlorien.

I really enjoy adventuring with StormSong. Of course, now my attack damage is a bit low (maybe because I use Lis that were first given to me?), but today I will look for recipes and craft Minstrel Sword for lvl.61 or lvl.65. Then, I would replace Songbook with a lvl.60 one. After that, my cool little Minstrel would be ready for more fun: rest of Lothlorien, Mirkwood…and then Great River.

Kinship was active with TC “hell on earth” quests, as well as players in World channel. I do not know how do they imagine to win there (since forum is full of stories how raids are wiped), but hard data is hard data and I am not Lotro forum fanboy to question hard data. Kinship also offers help to me…and I cannot say anything. The only help I need is that of developers: please, make W.Gondor doable for solo player. Please, make endgame possible as was possible most of Hytbold and even most of Wildermore. Yes, i would need help in Library daily: some 90 champions, supported by some 180 Minstrels and having…well, not too much, maybe 20 Guardiands/Captains should things go wrong (server lag/crash as a result).

One note about essences: I looted lvl.50 essences though I have nowhere to put them. I won’t get any socketed armour, unless developers make dailies realistic. I store essences, but why do I do this – I don’t know. It’s same as store gadgets from Space Shuttle – I won’t construct it anyway. Was offered to sell some essences of agility, but I may need them. Currently lots of players offer trade or buy some essences: a pity I have too little and too low ones.

And so the day has ended. I have understand Western Gondor is not for me and all that I need there are easiest quests. If I am to have fun, it would be with my fine brave Minstrel. Despite Gondor (even Moria is less grumpy!) – day has been very good (since I was able to help others) in Lotro.