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Lord of the rings online

Yet another day in Gondor for NaktiesKarys (all other toons were inactive, except crafter DunedanMule). I was doing my quests. Initially they sounded like standard “go and kill”, but later things started ti be a bit more…promissing.

My old pal corsair chief – we met once, I had to persuade him to leave village. We competed who would drunk more, I won and earned his respect, then I aauto-agreed I would never fight him should his men leave the village…and then another Corsair’s men came, slaughtering my ‘friend’s’ troops. I thought I would never meet him again…and was wrong. Something suspicious was going in the town, I had to fight some Corsair infiltrators…and then – surprise, surprise-  my chief, dressed in women’s clothes.

He wants revenge and to stop his fellow. I want…well, in real life – quests and deeds, but killing more mobs for fun is just good. Task is clear: go to camp and scout for the evil chief. I came – and got two auto-bestowed quests: kill corsairs and burn their boats. With pleasure, I do like to kill, especially with shing-shing. Corsairs were killed, boats burned…and and I got to use one last boat to destroy Corsair treasures and bring a fire to 5 their ships. In addition to killing 10 corsairs. Did it gladly, returned…and my chief was gone, something was wrong. Forwards to investigate!

Of course, he was kidnapped, I had to fight my way, then together we defeated that evil chief. Justice was triumphant and I hurried to report, leaving some quests unfinished. I enjoyed this turn of events, it was something good and different (though such huge drinking – not for kids!).

Tried the lasty epic quest, but paid little attention it was for lvl.100. Some 7 minutes to stop Nazgul and I got attacked by some lvl.100 animals. One, two, I was dead. However, I would grind my way to earn two more levels…and will finish this quest no matter the costs. Fighting Nazgul is interesting.

Overall, there are very good, easy and interesting Gondor quests. Developers probably listened to what players want. A pity they did not listen to any solo PvE player (obviously, Player council has none of them) as some content is made really hard.

Which I tried to prove in a forum and a bunch of fanboys mocked…well, not me. My opinion may be of zero importance, i am OK with that. They mocked mathematic when I gave them hard numbers:
IF warband’s health is 550.000 hp (350.000 main monster and, say, 5 guards with 40.000 hp each);
IF warband acts as one monster
IF player is 16.000 hp
IF there are 10 attack rounds from each side
IF to win player’s health must be 1000 and warband’s – 0
THEN player must attack with 55.000 each attack round and warband – with 1500

I calculated very optimistically, like monsters do not have critival/devastating hit, do not stun, player always hits and never misses, there are no evasions or partial hits. At work, I calculated that IF monster attacks with 7000 hp worth hit and player – with 10.000 (more realistic), then player should heal for some 7000 hp each attack round to kill warband within some 30 attacks, leaving battle with ~500 hp.

I just wonder how long could fanboys mock mathematic? They don’t even try to calculate, they just scream “camon, me done this, you do this”, “my 15 yearz old kinnie done that”. But these are not numbers and they can’t fight hard evidence. Fanboism is bad, because 1 unbiased noin-hardcore opinion is torpedoed by 10 cries of fanboys that know nothing of mathematic.

Notes on the side: did one solo warband, probably the only in Gondor, some evil man with 80.000 hp. FIght was hard, but at the end I prevailed. Another time I was a bit selfish. Accepted fellowship quest for some Avanc and it became clear another player was fighting and done some 50% damage to mob. I aided him, though could not solo (one more evidence for hardcore fanboys, should the listen).

And so the day has ended. I was lvl.98 (still too low), won some symbol with epic quest, looted some essence and was in a grey mood. Real life intervened so I was really grumpy in real life. And Gondor/Lotro…well, I have to mobilise everything I have and command myself to enjoy grind and avoid warbands. So, they day has been almost good in Lotro.