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Lord of the rings online

One day (can’t remember which one) Turbine stated it was not going to produce raiding content because players -obvious- do not play it. It was said by Turbine with lots of elitists screaming in despair and majority of population accepting it as a fact. 2 plus 2 equals 4, even if you hate it…

NaktiesKarys started in Gondor,doing quests, looting and selling, turning in task items (and trying to remember if I had some spare Hatchets in vault and which toon had it). Untill some NPC told to kill one named Oathbreker. I rode to the hill – and voila, Mr. Named Mob. Duel started soon – and soon some wild animals appeared out of nowhere. I was fighting at least 3 enemies at one time, then some more Craban joined and when they were killed, some bears re-joined, some more craban…I thought I was fighting at least 10, if not 20 enemies.

Of course, I died.

Then there were Warbands, almost every of them – formally Raid (!!!) or formally fellowship, really – Raid level.

I returned to Mr.Named Mob, ran from it and tens of meters below his base killed him.

Then I saw lots of players around with lvl.100, including ones that yesterday were lvl.95. I do not understand how is it possible. Tasks? I turned in all 10 in a day. Reputation accelerators? Nope, 24 hours lasting one is not invented. Then the loot/rewards for quests – some quality armour.

And all I was getting was trash. Every single nicely-named armour was a darned nonsense, maybe worse than loot/quest lvl.95 (mine was for some lvl.97). Hence I decided to auto-destroy any quest/loot armour I get. Armour and weapons does not stack, it takes valuable inventory space.

It turned out the day was just un-lucky for already Grumpy Dwarf. My Champion -once again I return to obvious facts – is useless. My powerfull and quality Minstrel should be there, 3 nukes – enemy dead, wait for 10 seconds and again 3 nukes – enemy dead. Add to this Mini’s crowd control and powerfull self-heals – you get real fun. Kinship tried to advice, but…but I cannot take any other tree except yellow. I know what does what in yellow, what to use, what not to use, yellow is weak, yet quick, yellow is spectacular (yet weak). If I take any other tree – it would take extremely long time to cope with everything. Maybe months if not more. All I need is a miracle. Like armour than ever Sauron could not penetrate. Weapons that kill any enemy with one hit. Ranged attacks that can shoot enemy if I see it. My God, sometimes I really wish Turbine had two options: 1) store item “Increase luck to 1%”, cost – 100$ (would buy at least one so that I finally had some luck) and 2) “change class” – 100$. I think I would buy both: luck and class. But Turbine does not have and does not even consider class changing for real cash.

Looks like Turbine made almost all region (except of few starter towns) forced fellowship and forced raiding content, despite their promises about “we do not produce it”. Looks like this model is utterly failing, chat being full (Regional and LFF) of “who is for… 1/x”…and silence, tens of minutes ofm silence untill player 2 joins. Someone asked about one impossible warband, I told my toon could join if we find another one…and no grouping.  Turbine made a shot and the shot missed all targets.

The end of the day went in questing, killing, looting – without any fun. Probably got some level which does not matter (I have to be lvl.200 to quest there…and Turbine NOT delivering lvl.105, “because players wished so”). Epic book is soon to be finished, I did not read any of the texts (sorry, developers, it was xp that counted). Explored one cave, got a bit lost where NPC was, asked in Regional – was helped. it’s good to ask while region is new, you have a chance to get help (not a group though).

However, do not get me wrong: Gondor is superb visually. Rohan was great and epic, an example – and developers took the right path, they built impressive, iconic landscapes.  Dialogues (when I listeend to them) are really good, stories and quests are not all about “kill 10 ratz”.

And so the day has ended – without inspiration and in a bit of despair. Day has been dull in Lotro. Promises not kept, miracles not gonna happen.