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Lord of the rings online

All thanks to World Cup, had little sleep….but all thanks to running off the work, had many time to play. Result – lack of sleep today.. Oh, but well – back to Lotro.

Today Update14 will be shipped. 795 Turbine points, grindy slayer deeds (kill 400 enemies?) – but I do expect much fun. My NaktiesKarys is more than ready for new fun.

StormSong was the only active, fighting in Moria. Doing epic quests, doing side quests. Trying to navigate. This time Moria looks more friendly for me. I do not rush – I do kill every deedable monster and now have several advanced slayer deeds completes. Goblins, Orcs, Deepclaws – all are done, others await their turn. Epic quests required lots of riding back-and-forth, some quests were new either I failed to remember them. Kinship helped me with Skumfil instance where I was able (well, after 2 deaths) to kill Cracktooth.

Moria is not so evil-grumpy for me. As for Minstrel, it requires less running and possible quicker fighting. There are plenty of loot and tons of Legendary items. Plenty of experience gain, so that my 3rd age Minstrel Sword is maxed, MInstrel’s Songbook will be maxed soon. I really enjoy my skills, investing Trait Points into ranged AoE. Not shing-shing, but still something close to heart and very effective, I do not die in combat.

Had some problematic things, like navigating Foundations of Stone and too little kinnies were in Moria; also, one quest in Mithril room – I needed fellowshipl but those who were in Moria weren’t able to aid. And others were storming DG.

However, Turbine has finally fixed “We cannot get out” session play. Now it it is 100% playable, to cheats and exploits. I managed to survive untill screen turned black. Kudos, Turbine.

And so weeekend has ended. StormSong reached lvl.60 (received mail from Golden Lady, but this lady could wait), had much much fun. NaktiesKarys would be busy with the Gondor. New deeds, new quests, new reputation – life is just beautifull in Lotro.