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Lord of the rings online

Before Update14 goes online (and 795 Turbine points goes out of my wallet) – need to level my Minstrel. Later may have little time for her.

So – only StormSong was active. Questing in Moria, riding her free goat (only +32 speed, but still better than on foot). Killing almost every deedable monster, especially Dragonettes and Morrovals. I am doing every non-instance related quest and at the same time – doing Volume 2 books.

Things are going good this time. I typically shoot 2 AoE debuffs, then two my main ranged attacks and monster is almost out. Sometimes I tend to invite crowd of monsters I could handle. Goblin slayer almost all done – met with the Orcs and I will need Orc slayer finished before I enter Lothlorien. I try not to rush there, if there’s a deedable monster – kill it, no matter how long it takes. Sometimes I killed for xp only – and this way reached level 55. And I got TPs every now and then. Even if it’s just 5 Turbine points – it’s good, it’s returning of my investment.

Reputation is growing too:every quest, every deed gives it, so I rarely use reputation items. And with drops I deviced a simple strategy:change all items into one faction items. So, I decided to go with Iron Garrison Guards and each Iron Garrison Miner’s rep.item is chamged into Guards’ one. I save vault space and my future alt would be levelling very quickly.

Ironic thing: at lvl.55 Minstrel I am having more fun than on my Champion when he was lvl.55. Maybe because of self-efficiency and safety. As a Minstrel, I nuke from distance and am safe as long as enemy is non-ranged. If enemy is ranged, I have to use my heals.

And so the day has ended, I had fun, was satisfied and am eagerly awaiting Update14. New content, new fun – days are just bright in Lotro.