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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz turned in task items, received xp and reputation, logged off. DunedanMule was crafting Guild reputation items. NaktiesKarys was inactive.

StormSong decided to do some Epic quests – rode to Misty mountains, killed some monsters, them had to rush to Angmar, then to Rivendell and finally received a task to ask Dwarves in Thorins Hall. I thought it was a bit too much…and rode to Moria.

My second time in this grumpy region. My native Dwarves with their (emmm…subtle?) humor. Majestic space of the Twenty First hall. First quests in first area, not too complicated, then – exploration which is the worst. I always am getting lost in Moria, because map is mostly of no use. However, things were going better this time. Once again, I had more patience. If there is monster that should be killed for deeds – I will kill every of them I notice and then move on; starting from Goblins ending with evil Dragonetes. I got some Turbine points this way. Overall – things are good with my Minstrel. I can stand safely and nuke monsters from distance. As I advanced – finally got Cry of the Wizards, most powerfull AoE spell. Now, I can use two ranged debuffs and 2 ranged powerfull attacks + 2 close combat AoE attacks. Questing in Moria, I got my first Goat there. Lame one, +32 speed only, but still better than nothing.

Levelling in Moria – so far, so good. I am doing almost all quest and starter areas looks goog for Minstrel so far. Later I would be forced to ask Kinship’s help with instances, starting with Forgoten Treasury, ending with Vile Maw. I do hope to finish all slayer deeds quickly…and then rush to Lothlorien or Enedwaith.

And so the day has ended. I reached lvl.53, got fresh new Turbine points and felt confident. Life was very good in Lotro.