Lord of the rings online

Stormsong (the only active toon yesterday) has finally finished all Eregion deeds! Some instance-related remain, but these does not count. Finally, this nice region is conquered. It took some time do finish, but goal is achieved.

I went to do epic quests – searching for missing Nazgul, doing things in Misty Mountains (heh heh, killed some poor monsters and earned 2 trait points!), then reporting back to Rivendell and back to Misty Mountains…untill, at some 01:00 AM finished lvl.43 instance, killed my first Nazgul, reached lvl.52.

Monsters were mostly grey, hence no xp, but at least slayer deeds grew up. AoE attacks worked very good, sometimes I took out 3 monsters with one shot. Call of Orome proved to be a good supportive spell – supportive, not main attack one. Some mobs were -oh, wonder – green, thus giving me xp.

At the end I travelled to Angmar, where monsters were mostly green, took heart of stone, killed Angmarim, some evil Sorcerer…and left with some more quests there.

Now I must focus on epic book and maybe reach lvl.53 this way. Then – another trait point, making my toon stronger. And after that..well, no idea what to do. I hate Moria, I want to run quickly through it and return at top-level only, when it would be safe.

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied. Life was very, vert good in Lotro. And update14 with nice Gondor architecture is coming…soon (TM).