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Lord of the rings online

DunedanMule, NaktiesKarys and even Vytautaz were inactive. StormSong started her day with task items turn-in, then proceeded to slayer deeds. Dunlendings were slained, though I picked a wrong camp with too little enemies there. Soon, I went to hunt Crawlers and this is where I got stuck a bit -these does not show as enemies (red dots) on the map.

However, I will hunt them down and then will need someone to help me finish one small fellowship quest. A cave with lots of Wood trolls, each some 5000 hp and 2 named monsters. Then, my Eregion would be over. Now, I have plenty of task items to keep me busy for many days: should I wish to go to Moria, these would serve Vytautaz.

What happens next? I suppose – Misty Mountains, doing some slayer deeds and levelling more and more. One kinnie asked if I had Moria (yes, I do) and that I should go there. But I almost hate Moria for its dark, grumpy world. Kinnies asked how could I, Dwarf, hate Moria? Well, before Goblin invasion Moria surely was shining, beautifull place wityh clear structure, lots of precious stones and other decorations there. When Goblins came, they tried to dig additional tunnels, making their own structures…and destroyed all that was good and logic. Thus, we have grumpy maze which has nothing to do with superior Dwarven (Dwarves being the most wise beings in the world) architecture.

Maybe I will ask Kinship to organize Turtle runs so that I can level a bit and gain some valuable barter tokens. I have learend the importance of being patient: grinding is way easier this way. Also, I am very satisfied with my Minstrel, feel more confident with it – though still have to master so-called “virtues”. Turbine points are just flowing and since there are no usefull sales – each TP is preserved. And Update14 is coming, I will need all my time and all my patience for it.

And so the day has ended, I was very satisfied with my Minstrel. Day has been just superb in Lotro.