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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was a bit busy. Everyone is waiting for Update 14. Price is good (only 795 Turbine points), we will receive famous Gondor for that; however, on Bulroarer players report monsters are way too overpowered. Well, July 14th will show what is what in Gondor. I will purchase this region and rush from the very first day to make quests and deeds.

Meanwhile in rest Middle Earth. NaktiesKarys hunted for reputation items out of boredom, then joined Kinship group to farm Council of the North reputation items,  finally – made a new toon. Toon used items for 4 factions and voila – 200 Turbine points for free. Due to extensive hunt – many task items were shipped to Vytautaz. He used them and has enough to keep him busy (route “task board-NPC”) for some 5 days.

NaktiesKarys was slaughtered several times in Sword Halls. We had a group, 3 people: me, another Champion and a Burglar. I was the last man standing, using all I could and being killed. We started with tier2, it proved to be impossible, then – some hard times even with lvl.79. I do not know what is happening, maybe it’s because of “virtues” (they should be reduced to maximum of 5, instead of 20), maybe of weapons without various runes/settings. A bit disappointed in my Champ.

DunedanMule finally got last required Large Master pattern and crafted level 50 armour. Then, it was a high time for my Ministrel.

StormSong finally became active. I rushed to Eregion to resume questing, doing all quests I was given, killing almost every deedable monster I have met. Craban flies – shoot it down; wolf runs – kill him; half orc stands – nuke it. Only one small instance quest remains, but I will just grow up and finish it myself (or, if I find, with another minstrel). Then I took my time to farm slayer deeds. This required just a little patience and I had more than enough of it.  Deeds were finished soon and I got some valuable drops, like LI runes or Magnificent hides.

StormSong also took part in instance runs. Turtle run was first, I switched to standard mode (green one) and just spammed AoE heals. Then, we came for Vile Maw. I spammed my heals wherever I could, but got killed, then Tsuhelm tried to resurrect me, was killed too…and it was a wipe. We restarted and as far as I remember we had a wipe. Only after that we finished. Fight was hard, but after all we won. My minstrel got some good level 60 armour to wear as well as some LI items.

Lotro is very weird about equipment. Crafted is almost of no good – suitable just for begining, loot/quest is almost always better. Strange, other games have the opposite things: loot/quest is inferior to crafted.

And so the weekend has ended. Minstrel is performing very well (despite a mess in “virtues”), he is much, much better than Champion. I will finish Eregion soon, maybe will go to other regions (Misty mountains?) to deed…and at some level 60 – to grumpy, evil, uninviting maze of Moria.

The days -in short- have been mostly very good in Lotro. Minstrel is bringing storm over any region and days with Minstrel would be the brightest ones.