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Lord of the rings online

Update 14 is to become reality July 14! Cost: 795 Turbine points for Free/Premium users, free for VIPs. Many reputation factions, much work to be done. An event similar to Bounder tokens: get some thousand of tokens to unlock last 2 reputation tokens (as with Bounders, it would be best for me to preserve these). Overall, I am satisfied with this- now let’s see how this region would look like.

Stormsong, DUnedanmule were almost inactive (aside from Mule’s crafting and Stormsong’s trophy items). Vytautaz was absolutely inactive.

NaktiesKarys had nothing to do (except farming Barrows for reputation items) – therefore helped 2 kinnies in Carn Dum (killed 2 times by stepping into evil water). Kinnies finished some of their slayer deeds, but somehow we got killed by Mordirith (me, lvl.95 champ., lvl.56 Mini and lvl.66 Guardian). Then switched to Barad Guldur, where we wiped out opposition…just not the last monster. It looks almost invulnerable for me.

Finally, there was a talk what to do, I asked for Way of Smiths in vain hope to get First Age symbol. It was better not to task, as turned out later. We gathered some players from the Kin, then had to recruit on Global channel. I was killed one only time, all other time I was enjoying shing-shing, my weak Champion’s AoE attacks. First time we failed, because lame NPC died. Second time we failed too, because someone touched lame NPC. I had no patience for fail number three and left. A pity, looks like FA symbol is as close to me as neariest humanoid civilization outside Solar system.

And so the day has changed, it was not so inspiring, I had too little things to do. After July 14 things would change though – I will rush into new adventures. But for now, things were a bit dull in Lotro.