Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz and StormSong were inactive. DunedanMule crafted things and logged off (looks like I’m running out of leather again).

NaktiesKarys went to Sarnur and farmed reputation items, also looting anything that stacks. Soon, almost 120 First age relics were hunted as well as many crests of Dourhands.

Then, XbaJ was born, new single-use alt. Minstrel girl, of course. she finished intro, rode into Bree and then it began. Hundreds of low-level reputation items were used, while sparing as much +700 items as I could. Result – 3 factions maxed (Bree, Thorins Hall, Wardens of Annuminas). 150 Turbine points gained easily.

The problem was, I had almost nothing to do. Remaining deeds were too grindy or risky and surprisingly there were no Kinship raids. I logged in and out and then in again…no activity. A pity.

I do need to wait untill my DunedanMule could craft lvl.50 and lvl.58 armour. Then, StormSong would fight her way through Moria, then once again I would have some fun.

And so the day has ended, I had earned Turbine points (now have some 2200 TPs), but day has been mediocre in Lotro.