Lord of the rings online

Lotro was played very little – not too much time, had some real-life activity after job.

Vytautaz was inactive, DunedanMule crafted. StormSong just turned in some task items, took Hobbit presents and ended activity.

NaktiesKarys had almost nothing to do – hence team with kinnie-Champion and went to grind reputation items. We were hunting in Barrows near Bree, initially two of us, later one lvl.23 Captain came. We ran in circles, killing mobs too fast – so that later grumpy corridors were just empty. Later kinnie left, I left with Captain. We did some runs too (at least I had some chance to kill mobs, because my kinnie was always faster!), Captain reached lvl.24. Soon I had desired >100 trinkets of Cordolan, severla hundred Barrow treasures and retreated. Loot was sold for 2 gold (not so bad), rep. items – deposited.

Now I have enough reputation items to reach Kindred with 2 factions (Bree land and Wardens of Annuminas). Mathom society is still on its way and one day I would have to grind for First age relics in Sarnur.

I also noticed it took me 2 months to level StormSong to lvl.50: it took me much longer for Vytautaz to reach that. Maybe because I see Minstrel as more effective: while Champion would run towards target, Minstrel would nuke it and Minstrel could fight on the run.

And so the day has ended. Some 2 days later I would be able to start adventures with StormSong and leave grumpy Moria as soon as possible. Life was just good in Lotro.