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Lord of the rings online

Today Lotro would be on a long (up untill 22:00 Lithuanian time maintenance) – almost no gameplay foreseen. In the morning logged in my crafting alt, made Guild reputation items, logged off.

During weekend NaktiesKarys did some raids and gathered Sturdy leathers. DunedanMule was crafting, Vytautaz – as always – was inactive.

StormSong entered Eregion and had much fun there. I feel strong, I feel self-suficient. Was killed in one instance (but wait, it was lvl, small fellowship instance and I was solo lvl.47) and by group (~5) of mobs, including named one. This aside – I was just nuking. Being level 47, I took out level 50 or even 51 monsters. Experience was flowing, I was nuking everything I met – especially Dunlendings, Crows, wolves/wargs, lizards. These would be very usefull for deeds and deeds mean Turbine points. It was pure joy – feeling strong and being strong, blasting anything from safe distance. Even in close combat I was efficient. I especially enjoy Call of Valar – strong AoE attack that can damage up to 3 monsters, bring some damage and debuffing them.

Soon, I was big enough to get my first Legendary weapon, then had to get it to level 10, ride to Rivendell to identify/reforge…and voila, my new weapon is ready for combat! Gone are simple weapons, I have advanced one! To speak truth, I’m not accustomed to setup – which legacies to advance, which to leave in peace, but I will make it. Another quest gave me second LI – songbook. And with this songbook I reached level 50.

It was time to stop levelling. I travelled to Ered Luin and did every single quest/deed there. Slayer deeds were very easy, I one-shotted any enemy. Rewards were not important, I sold them all anyway. Story was interesting (it’s Dwarven lands after all). When I was finished – it was almost an end to activity. A high time for some rest.

Another alt, XbaH was born, left burned Archet and rode to Bree vault. Took almost all she could and earned some Turbine points. Then, sold everything, sent money to StormSong and was deleted.

Kinship was active, organizing instances. I managed to get to Filikul, got some loot. Kinship asked if I was going to get my Minstrel there. No, not now: have to wait untill my crafting alt makes Guild light lvl.50 armour. Then and only then I am ready for more adventures.

And so the weekend was over. I felt very satisfied. When I played Champion, I really missed my Minstrel’s nuking from distance abilities (slaying with mini would be way faster). Ended up with some 3060 Turbine points – hence ready for Update 14 and new quest pack. The days has been superb in Lotro.