Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play – real life intervened. DunedanMule was busy with crafting reputation things:n when the time comes, I will exchange all hoarded medium patterns to large ones, since large are required for Guild armour. Today I could craft two pieces of lvl.58 armour, but will wait a bit. Vytautaz was inactive.

NaktiesKarys did his dailies (Wildermore and Hytbold), gathered tokens and deposited some stuff.

StormSong was active once again. I was deeding in Evendim – killing evil Limfavrns, finishing Tomb-robber and Angmarim advanced slayer deeds. Teeming with another minstrel to kill Angmarim. Gathering reputation items (in time these would grant me valuable TPs). A pity, I can’t one shot enemy, in most cases it takes some 3 shots. Now I have to finish some deeds in Evendim (including grindy Limfavrn slaying)…and then almost all quests guide me to Trollshaws. But Evendim first, no doubt about it. And when I am finished there – well, I may visit Ered Luin for some quick Turbine points. Then get to Lonelands, get Kindred with locals, purchase Return to Ost Guruth…and forwards to Trollshaws! Epic quest awaits there plus many auto-bestowed quests. Reputation items.

And so the day has ended. I had lots of fun, was happy with my Minstrel and ready for more and more adventures. Day has been very good in Lotro.