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Lord of the rings online

DunedanMule crafted reputation emblems and occasional stuff she received. StormSong and Vytautaz were inactive.

NaktiesKarys finished Gwibber slaying, then sold all the loot, transferred lots of Magnificent and Calenard hides to DunedanMule. Then hunted for Sturdy hides, gathered 200 of them.  And then there was nothing to do. Talked to kinnies, they are waiting for Update 14. Remembered Wildermore dailies, took all easy quests there. Finally finished wood-troll slayer, now have to do advanced one. This deed is just a curse:trolls are rare and it would take ages to complete. Grind, but without sense. Finally, went to Hytbold. After some talks with the Kinship – decided to grind for Minstrel’s set of Hytbold armour. My StormSong would have th best equipment so that she could fight the best way. To be frank, I am very optimistic about her future. She can nuke enemies from far away, while enemy still thinks what to do and she has self-heals should situation turn grim.

Kinship started to organize yet another instance. Initially we did not know which one – just “lvl. 95, six man”. I was not too much wishing, but finally joined. It was Fornost run, now Kinship does lvl.95 runs to grind for marks/seals. And it started. Our group was experienced and good, even my AoE were of some use. We swept through hordes of enemy, reaching several named ones. Had to escort Sara Oakheart to safety. And finally – finall boss. We were warned NOT to fell into deep water…yet I was thrown there. Monster ran nearby and soon I was flying. Challenge failed, but rewards were good. Once I was defeated, but overall situation went good. We did Fornost intro, Water wing and  Earth wing. Not sure what is left – but still it was fun (although dangerous).

At last I know what to do in Lotro – Wildermore dailies; Hytbold dailies; possibly – some mark farming with the Kinship. And today my StormSong, equipped with lvl.40 Guild armour, resumes her adventures. Of course, while she has fun, DunedanMule would craft lvl.58 armour.

And so the day has ended. I fought, I won, I had fun – the day has been very good in Lotro.