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Lord of the rings online

DunedanMule crafted reputation items, stored some of them in the vault and noticed that some hides are no more: would have to buy in Auction house. StormSong took Hobbit presents, Vytautaz as usually was inactive.

NaktiesKarys did Wildermore daily quests – standard 5 ones, 2500 reputation and yet about 1 week to grind. Then I thought what to do – and found nothing. Yes, I could do some Grim slayer in Forochel, but it is over-grindy. I could try crabain, half-orc slayer in HD region, but these are rare. Talked to Kinship, we had some nice chat.

Then I moved to Enedwaith. Giant and Gwiber slayer (advanced) – 175 each. First, Giants, these were the easiest target. They are big, the can be aggroed (shing-shing) and you just travel in circles attacking them. After some time this deed was done, 10 Turbine points awarded. Then I was riding/running to hunt Gwibers. These were rare, scattered and non-agroable. However, soon I found one field with them – had to farm. On my way, noticed named one, looted her eye, received a quest to go to Zurugzund and report to one Dwarf. On my way back noticed some strange lair. Rode there – voila, found Dragoich’s lair, could quest there (but heck, do not have Rise of Isengard instances). However, +5 Turbine points.

The hunt was succesfull: I looted many hides that would be usefull for my Tailor. Tomorrow I plan to craft last piece of armour for my Minstrel and then – wellcome, new adventures and new fun with this mighty class!

And so the day has ended, things were succesfull – the day has been very good in Lotro.