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Lord of the rings online

There was a great talk about Update 14. No official info yet. We are discussing Essence system. It can be very good and sounds very promising. Something it really worked in Istaria: you could add, say, +5 might on your weapon at expense of some rare crafting materials OR you could add crystal socket. If you add socket, you may add whatever crystal you like, be it +10 inventory bag capacity or +25 might. In Istaria it worked great: it could do great in Lotro. No, do not ask me how it fits the Lore – all I think is,  if they implement this good, essences would be great. A pity they do not introduce new crafting tier in Gondor – thus,we would have Eorlingas ore there. Some kinnies are more sceptic about Essences: I so far am optimistic. However, I made one mistake: crafted many Guild reputation items in anticipation of new crafting tier. Now, have to hide these in my house storage.

Finally, a sale on inventory space and vaults! I immediately invested >1000 Turbine points into it. Shared vault upgraded, Naktieskarys’ vault upgraded.

DunedanMule crafted reputation items and yet one more piece of armour. 1,5 days later I will craft the last one…and then my StormSong would be more than ready for new adventures. Meanwhile, StormSong did nothing, just waited. Vytautaz was inactive.

NaktiesKarys rode to Limlight Gorge and did all 10 daily tasks. And all 2 daily quests. Finally, I was Kindred with the Heroes of Limlight Gorge. In true, these “heroes” are just a couple of guards standing and giving hard tasks for travellers. However, it gave me 20 TPs. Then travelled to Mirkwood, finished Spider slayer and Sorcerer slayer there. Thus, 2 more regions are over, all quests and deeds done there. Still working with WIldermore, one hunt (snow cat) was very good, got lots of hides for my Tailor toon.

I also took part in assault on Vile Maw and did not get killed. Hope Kinship would organize some slayer deeds in Moria: I still lack some of these.

XbaG alt was activated, she rode to Bree’s vault, took almost all reputation items and earned me ~200 Turbine points in one run. Very nice addition.

And so weekend has ended, I felt satisfied. I am a bit busy right now and it is good. Days are shiny once again in Lotro.