Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Vytautaz were inactive. DunedanMule crafted all she could. Used 3 craft accelerators (each added +25% xp), thus saving some valuable leathers. Finally, after so many time spent, she is top Forester and Tailor. That meant huge investments: buying hides for 5-10 gold each stack. Losing some auctions. Transferring coins for repairs, spending money for crafting ingredients. Now I am done, finally reached new reputation with Tailors guild. The only things that are to be done: 1) create full set of lvl.40 armour for StormSong; 2) reach top reputation with Tailor guild as soon as possible.

NaktiesKarys was the working one. Riding in the green fields of Rohan under pale light of the moon or warm light of the sun. Depositing hides, hurrying to Auction house, purchasing things when they needed to be purchased. And finally, my grind is over.

Once again, I am left with suprisingly little choices. There are dangerous and very dangerous areas (some lvl.80s and all lvl.90s). There are very grindy areas (Limlight Gorge, Forochel, Rohan’s half-orc slayer).  And there was no place for me to go, unless I wanted to supply my Tailor with additional hides. Vytautaz could be an option, but he is under-equipped and under-traited. Also, he has only troublesome quests left in Angmar, all requiring fellowships. Because of summer, there is little Kinship activity.

All I have to do is to wait for my StormSong. When she receives last piece of armour, ther will be adventures once again…and new armour crafting. I will get Stormsong through grumpy, evil Moria – but only to do epic quests. Then – to the sunny and inviting Lothlorien, Great River – and my favourite Rohan.

And so the day has ended, I felt kind of satisfied. Day has been good in Lotro.