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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was on short maintenance. I was expecting it to last till almost midnight Lithuanian time. Came home, logged in DunedanMule, crafted Guild lvl.40 shoulderguards, deposited in shared storage; logged in StormSong, withdrew and equipped. Much better…

Maintenance tooks some 15 minutes longer than expected, so I had enough time to play. StormSong did nothing, just travelled to my own house to check for stuff. Vytautaz was inactive.

NaktiesKarys fought in the Rohan, riding in these beautifull green planes…and hunting animals. Riding and hunting, sometimes cursing mounted combat. My medium warsteed sometimes refuses to make any turn, then suddenly hits invisible wall, loses all fervour and turns towards enemy – and it happens many times per hunt. Other than that – I was mostly succesfull. Took all the hides I could, sold everything I could, finally – raided Auction house to buy much needed hides. Ended in losing one auction and there were no more hides. It was a late time, I had to go to sleep and still lacked ~100-200 hides. Of course, our Kinship offered helped immediately. But this is where I should support myself. These hides may be used by someone in real need – and I use them just to level up my Tailor. After ending hunts, deposited all hides in shared storage.

DunedanMule was back and calculating. I thought I hade craft accelerators that gives +50% xp. I was wrong: they give +25%. To finish one tier, I will need at least 570 hides and I have some 500 now. Other tier requires lots of hides, but with accelerators I could make it.  Mule crafted and crafted leather from hides, gaining xp this way, then she made some Tailor guild reputation items. I will reach next reputation tier today – and hope today I will be able to buy last hides and finally finish all tier in Tailor profession.

I really enjoyed Rohan and I could just imagine how easy should be hunting as a Minstrel. Just stand and range-shoot anything, Minstrels are superb at that. So far Rohan is probably the best region – so green, so nice, be it midnight or noon.

And so the day has ended. I was kind of…self-efficient and ready to advance in crafting. The day has been good in Lotro.