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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was inactive (well, just use few Mathoms to get Kindred). DunedanMule went on crafting spree – using every single hide, purchasing components, making armour, selling them, repairing instruments, once again making hides – she finally maxed her Forester. Now I am at full efficiency, can craft any hide/log. Tailor goes well, recently reached Westemnet.

This is where NaktiesKarys did almost all the job. Raiding Auction house for hides or – in worst case – for woods. Sometimes purchasing everything he could, spending more money than he could earn. Kinnies were kind enough to supply with some hide, but situation requires big quantities, like 600 leather. I also hunted in Moria, sometimes competing with other players. One player I scared away (sorry, Dances with Wargs kinship, but I really needed these hides). Purchased some Magnificent hides in the auction. When my Mule finally maxed out Supreme tailor – I went on killing spree to Rohan.

And Rohan was relaxing. I saw bulls (hard to miss), I approached, sometimes one-shotted them, took Riddermark and Calenard hides and continued the hunt. Could only fight during the game daytime – when it’s dark, you won’t see if it bull or a rock nearby. Once again, gathered as much as I could. Mounted combat was something I re-found….but this time it was a bit clumpsy. I tried to turn to the bull, but my mount stood, I had to dismount and fight on foot. Not fair.

Went with our leader to the Big Battles. Things were (as always) confusing for me, but still good. Only one deed was messed – when enemy attacks gates, somehow gate took damage and Platinium medal failed.

Vytautaz fought in Angmar. Killed some spiders and worms to finish champion quest. Received a sword (not so great) and jewellery (good one). To tell the truth, I had to sent NaktiesKarys to Urugarth, kill stuff and sent everything to Vytautaz. Now my under-equipped toon is sonme lvl.50, on his way to lvl.51. After advice of Kin – threw away some armour and jewellery. I will earn better ones or just ask to craft.

Today Lotro is on maintenance, so I expect no play this day. Also, on forums more and more impossible to complete instances are being reported. No reaction from Turbine so far, perhabs they are enjoying impossible content?

And so weekend has ended. I had fun, I worked in grinding hides, I raided Auction house and felt free in nice, green Rohan. Life was good in Lotro, once again.