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Lord of the rings online

DunedanMule was almost non-active:crafted, repaired and waited untill cooldown on one Pattern ends (it ends today only). NaktiesKarys did not log in,a s wella s Vytautaz.

StormSong adventured in green and beautifull Evendim. Running from one quest hub to another. Discovering deeds, killing stuff as she ran. One of the best things Minstrel has – attack on the run. You may run and yet perform an attack – something, my champion does not have. Received lots of quests, at one moment I had some 26 active. NPCs were just spamming me wityh quests: scout there, kill that, do this. Rewards in reputation are not important (I’m Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas), rewards in xp are the best. Overall – adventuring was good. I ended up in quest line with Orchaiwe. It is more difficult, at lvl.41 I am not able to solo it – but maybe I have to wait, equip my toon with lvl.40 Guild armour and then rush to battle.

Kinship was very helpfull to me (again). First, one kinnie helped me to do revival deed. Then, they invited me to Carn Dum for some fighting. There was little help from me, except occasional healing (maybe 2 times). My own attacks did very little damage – maybe because I was in green stance. However, we fought, gathered some trophies and things were just great…untill I had to go to sleep.

I am satisfied with my Minstrel. While most enemies cannot be one-shotted, I can still stun them or just scare away. I could deal with one Gerthberyg and one too helpfull Angmarim at one time (having only 1 lame AoE attack). I never died in Annuminas. And yes, I remember how I went there as a Champion and had to postpone most of the quests.

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied with the game. So many adventures, so many things to do. The day has been superb in Lotro.