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Lord of the rings online

Being a bit ill may be…positive thing. You have entire day to play Lotro (sleeping, drinking tea with honey aside). And so I went to new adventures.

StormSong was active. She finished almost all Shire deeds (Spoiled Pies – not done, too hard), turned in some task items. Hunted Wargs in Lone lands. Thought about hunting Bog Lurkers, but these are too rare. Then, my Minstrel went to Evendim.

OatBarton, Northcotton’s farm. Still Hobbitses, rewards still in Gift Matoms. Quests are typical for Hobbits. “Oh, dear strong Hero, you are so big, so strong…care to take my chicken over here?”. “Dear Hero, mud my pigs, plz plz plz”…and alike. Running in circles within maze is not my favourite thing, but I did all the quests. My minstrel was very effective, even against group of monsters (after all, I have some AoE melee attack). Then – Evendim proper. This time I was wiser. I attacked every deed monster – every salamander, every Limfavrn, every Gauredan. Even when I had a chance for strategic approach towards Giants – I killed them. Took every single quests and quests are so overwhelming here. In fact, I reached Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas – without using any reputation item and turning in task items few times. I really like Evendim and I feel when the time comes to fight in Annuminas city – I would be prepared better than my Vytautaz. I am ready for some serious combat. Meanwhile, while adventuring and killing, StormSong reached level 40.

It was time for a new armour and this is where I had to : a) get my Minstrel to the Kin and b) ask which set of Tailors guild lvl.40 armour to use. I was in favour of Dwarf variety, but kinnies talked in favour of simple (first) variety. Now my Minstrel has a better armour with some “+2% critical tactical mutiplier”. Hope it helps.

DunedanMule had to work hard to reach reputation, then she had to spent 295 Turbine points to unlock further Guild access…and hurray, I can produce lvl.40 Guild armour! Since I need Artisan pattern and it’s on 2 days cooldown – looks like I would have my armour set after some 10 days.

Vytautaz was a bit active. After kinnies advice, he took red line. A champion without shing-shing and killing 3 enemies at once. However, I got a skill “Killing spree” that adds some health after killing: the more you kill, the better you are. Sounds good. And it proved to be good. Well, looks like days are bright for Vytautaz again.

NaktiesKarys hunted for Magnificent hides, killing lots of rats in grumpy Moria. Buying other hides – all for only one thing: to get my Tailor to the heighs as soon as possible. Money can be earned, hides may be grinded.

At the end of the Sunday I felt tired. Evendim was overwhelming with quests. Go, kill things there and there; investigate are there; go to Trollshaws; to to North Downs; visit Minstrel trainer in Bree (just to hear you can buy some books from him: greedy trainer!). For Vytautaz – go, kill ton of Angmarim, then kill twice that much for a deed. For NaktiesKarys – go, kill hundreds of monsters for hundreds of hides; For Dunedamule – craft all you can and don’t get bancrupt. One of those very rare occasions, when I have things to do, but there are too many things.

I took some rest. Went to do Sambrog for lvl.50 (for Vytautaz, he’s still lvl.49). Stormsong was invited for Sambrog. NaktiesKarys tried to aid one kinnie in Sammath Gul, but was ruthlessly owned. Stormsong also opened 3 golden lootboxes and got some trash from there (nothing usable). Also, I was happy to help kinnie with some Mathom reputation items. Finally, I finished one set of Minstrel deeds (+1 trait point, yay) and am very close to finishing other 2. Two more trait points – happier Minstrel.

And so weekend has ended. I had lots of activity now and see much of it ahead, I feel more confident with my Minstrel. I was helped and I was even able to help others. The days are very good in Lotro, it’s sunshine all over Middle Earth once again.