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Lord of the rings online

First of all – I got a (free!) virus outside a (free to play) game. Half day in job, some hours of sleep then, feeling not too good.

Due to this – yesterday just looked at Lotro wiki and what to expect from Tailors’ guild armour. I could choose between lvl.35 and 41. I chose 4, “elven hunter…” type. It would require many Guild reputation items, but it is far better than non-Guild recipes. Some things offered are just a mystery for me, like “+3% critical multiplier”, “+188 tactical critical rating”, but folks said these are good.

StormSong was a good girl and did not get drunk, so she continued adventures in the Shire. Killings were very easy, I finished all slayer deeds. Due to recent changes – I was able to turn it some task items and get reputation with the Mathom society: it would spare me some valuable Mathoms.

I like Shire. Like these little Hobbitses and their little tasks, their talks about pies and gossips. Of course, it’s good when Shire gives me some Turbne points. Only now did I notice that I was not grinding for TPs. There would be new expansion, but if it would be Big Battle style – it’s just not for me. Am I going to buy it? Hardly.

Vytautaz turned in tasks, logged off. Naktieskarys did not log in at all. DunedanMule crafted lots of Tailor guild reputation items and would be grinding it.

And so the day has ended, I had ~3900 Turbine points. Adventures continued, day has been good in Lotro.