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Lord of the rings onlone

StormSong was inactive (let us hope she won’t get drunk in Green Dragon inn), just took Hobbit presents and logged off. Vytautaz rode to Esteldin, turned tasks 10 times, logged off.

DunedanMule received a huge number of exceptional hides from kinnies and crafted. Sometimes she had to purchase stuff, losing money for repairs and additional materials (some 2 gold lost; income – almost zero). Crafting reputation things is now a top priority.

NaktiesKarys hunted for Sturdy hides and later -for Pristine hides. Killing aurochs and bears all the way, counting how many hides are left to loot.

And looks like I will need many many of them. Some 300 magnificent leathers to level up my Forester. Some 21 leather to level up my Tailor. That means a lot of killing in grumpy Moria.

I am not getting any TPs anymore. Stormsong is inactive, Vytautaz is inactive, NaktiesKarys only does supportive tasks. There was little Kinship activity when I was logged in. But maybe things would be better one day.

And so the day has ended, a kind of “so-so” in Lotro.