Lord of the rings online

…was offline. For European players the game was offline at least untill midnight. Yes, there was maintenance untill 13:00 Eastern time (20:00 in Lithuania). At 23:30 game servers were still marked as closed. No Lotro, no Hobbit presents, no adventures in Middle Earth.

Turbine’s reponse in the forums was quickier, they cared to respond. The fact is, game maintenance is taking more and more time. And it is instantly taking even more time than was planned.

My dear Turbine, maybe you could start adding at least 1 hour to maintenance ETA? That won’t hurt much, no one would blame you for that. And I think, paying customers should be rewarded, by adding at least +2 days. Just because in Lithuania, I could not play untill midnight, i.e. all the day. I can’t play before work, I can’t play at work and I can’t play after the work.

And thus the day has ended with Lotro being offline.