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Lord of the rings online

Weekend in Lotro: Vytautaz did almost nothing. Festival does not give xp and flowers are a bit boring. NaktiesKarys was a bit more lucky: advanced Lumul Nar merroval slayer deed, advanced Dar Narbugud troll slayer deed (only ~10 trolls left) – and even helped one kinnie in Angmar. A challenging instance:battle for Aughaire. Several barricades, each would come under attack and each is to defended. Defenders are few and we have to protect them. DOing this instance duo was fun. We rode, we killed and were victorious, at the cost of 2 killed defenders. Another quest was bugged, it threw us out – and I had to to for some real life food.

Stormsong tried to find fellowship, but in vain. Finally she went to the Shire doing little quests for little Hobbitses. However, I soon had to stop StormSong from advancing.

The answer was DunedanMule, my Tailor crafter. I looked at the armour I can make and found that lvl.38 armour was not better than lvl.35 one. 12 will versus 21 will – I guess 21 is better…Asked kinnies. They told to go for Guild armour. Oh my, I had to rush to the Guild only to find I lack hides and time. Kinnies helped greatly with the hides + NaktiesKarys bought some 200…but the time cannot be bought. I have to grind my way to the Guild, making emblems (tailors call these – “patterns”).

So, for now – StormSong rests and NaktiesKarys grinds for hides. Wiki was right, I found a perfect spot for exceptional hides in icy Forochel + was supplied with hundreds of them from the Kinship. In my defense – was able to give some ingots to one kinnie, so was not totally selfish.  Soon, however, NaktiesKarys would have to go to Moria/Angmar, hunt for magnificent hides, then – for Calenard ones. And then, when I have access to quality armour, StormSong would be better equipped and ready for hard battles.

So far StormSong does deeds: uses healing skills – hence stands in the green circle – and waits for some days. After I complete all “use healing skills” deeds, I will gain valuable TPs and trait points.

And so weekend has ended, I left mostly satisfied. Days are good in Lotro.