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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was inactive. Yes, I have received good advices from one helpfull Lotro forum member – setup, weapons, “virtues”…need to test some day. Just not now.

Vytautaz took flower collecting quest. I had some 50 violets (whatever grows near Bree). Continued to harvest there, meeting with little competition. First 10 minutes – “spotted shrew tome”. I was glad, used tome, learned ability. Then some 40 minutes of gathering without any shrews. I got to 100 flowers near Bree – went to Duillond, grinded there 100 flowers. Finally, Michel Delving, last 20 minutes left and some 70 flowers to grind. Met with 1 competitor, horse was of little use…but finally, got my 100 flowers. Then I could relax and last ~9 minutes spend without much work, chatting and standing.It was there that I found my additional 2 shrews. These were mailed to NaktiesKarys and DunedanMule.Recalled to Bree, bartered Steed of a Jester. It’s faster (+68), though cosmetics is non-existent. And now my Vytautaz stops. There are no more activities: stomping festival? Impossible. Maze? Too hard to do, too lame rewards. If not the horse – I won’t bother. Flower quest is worth something though: teleport to Bree, take quest, go to where you want to, wait for 1 hour, get rewards.

Vytautaz bartered Blue gift box, but outcome was lame cosmetic item. However,  I finally have a better horse, that’s what counts.

StormSong quested in North Downs. Continued epic book, took fellowship quest to defend Trestlebridge and succeeded. Took quest to kill named Orc for Elves…and failed twice. Orc was a bit took strong. Asked in Regional chat, one lvl.33 Champion responded. We went through orcs and goblins. My ranged attacks were impressive and where champion was in trouble – minstrel prevailed. We killed named monster easily. I was happy with my Minstrel: it just outperfomed Champion while our levels were almost equal (33 vs 34). I had to sacrifice most of firepower and switch from ‘red mode’ to ‘green mode’ – however, I was able to heal Champion this way. After some more killings I reached level 35. Got “Enmnity of the Wargs III” (250 beasts to kill).

Things are very good with StormSong. If compared to Champion, I am strong. I am ranged, I could perform medium strenght melee AoE attack, I could scare enemy and heal allies. This happens despite outdated Jewellery (besides, received one nice lvl.38 necklace from kind player) and melee weapon. To be superior in Battle – just a nice thing.

Now I must finish whatever easy quests I have in North Downs – and move to Shire, Ered Luin. These low-lvl areas will offer almost no xp, but will give some Turbine points.

And so the day has ended, I felt strong and victorious. Things are going great in Lotro.