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Lord of the rings online

Spring festival is on the run! Vytautaz logged in to do some quests. Travelled to get some Green Beer (well, Human toon would never appreciate that as much as Dwarf: but get Dwarf to green ale and you won’t see your toon to the end of the festival…). Had to gather some clovers, then report to other inn, get clover on Bullroarer statue and then was offered balancing on the  fence quest (declined). While in Bree, I took quests to find flowers, put themn in vase, put out, ask neighbours, get some sweets and then give flowers to the right recipient.

Only then was I able to start “grind as much in 1 hour” quest. Started from Bree, played for some 10 minutes…when my girlfriend intervened and I had to abandon. Later returned, harvested some 2 more fields, ran away, returned…At the end, I had some 50 flowers growing near Bree (violets?), some primroses. And – one Shrew. Spotted one. This proves Shrews does drop from flower collecting, some kinnies report they found 4 shrews. Lucky for us, these are not bound, so I could share should I find another one.

StormSong was active. She almost finished all the quests in North Downs, found all Earth-Kin villages in North Downs (1 remains in Angmar, but counts as ND). Yet she has some job to do – kill lots of Goblins, oathbreakers, worms and even trolls. When I finish everything (except forced fellowship/instance quests), I will move to the Shire. From Shire – to Oartbarton. From there – to nice, shiny Evendim.

I do like North Downs. I am not forced to grind for every single reputation item – just do some daily quests, gaining experience and reputation. I know I would like Evendim (though not Limfavrns and Giants…).

Purchases: I have bought 3 trait/race slots. Paid 213 Turbine points for nominal value of 285 Turbine points. Savings – 72 Turbine points.

And so the day has ended. Life has been good in Lotro.