Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz turned in task items (now I have only 1 bag of them left), logged off. DunedanMule logged in to receive mail and logged off. NaktiesKarys was inactive.

StormSong, went to do some non-fellowship quests in Lone lands. Turned in task items (only 5 times). Went to kill trolls, then took 3 bounty quests. Returned to Earth-Kin camp, then went to Candaic encapment. After all, it’s epic quest and I should do it. Soloed Weathertop (lvl.29 minstrel vs. lvl.22 monsters), got redirected to Ost Guruth to speak with Radagast the Brown. Quests again, some of them – very profitable (killing wighs, it contributes to the deeds). Soon reached lvl.30.

Then I could finally use jewellery crafted by kinnie. Got some skills to scribe stuff and teach other people to play some instruments. Not sure what it gives to me (deed? title?), but it may be worth of trying. Also, I looked at my virtues and found one that gives +20 Will. Sounds like a miracle for Minstrel. Now, my toon is stronger and is ready for serious adventures in swamps, killing almost anything. I am capable of dealing with Gaunts that have their pets.

Minstrel deeds are advancing, although slowly. Sometimes I am lost at what to choose, like – increase coda/ballads damage or my own health? Invest into Call of Orome or some skill that can result in cries being more devastating? I will end in having everything purchased, just have to understand my priorities now.

As it is typical for starter regions – I am to be splitted into several parts. Got redirection to North Downs. Got redirection to Evendim. And I need to do Shire. And to finish Lone lands quests/deeds. Shire would be not-so interesting, no xp, just Mathom reputation. N.Downs and Evendim would have to wait: I must finish Lone lands first. Every non-forced fellowship quest. Every deed.

To make things go better, Turbine has announced sales. Trait slots are on sale, so it is the chance for my StormSong. Next – waiting for riding skill discount.

And so the day has ended. I had some 4200 Turbine points, finished some deeds. Day has been good in Lotro.