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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz once again turned in task items, logged off:level 50 will be soon. NaktiesKarys was more active: he tried to look for perfect spot for Pristine hides famring. Lotro-wiki adviced Misty mountains, Eastern Bruinen aurochs. Kinnie adviced Western Bruinen, wolves and aurochs. However, animals spawned slowly, I was running inefficiently. Fortunately, other kinnie adviced Evendim (yes, my favourite Evendim proves to be one of the best regions). I had to run in circles and kill animals. Soon, had ~200 Pristine hides. Recalled to Bree, deposited all of them into shared vault.

And it was high time for DunedanMule. She crafted all hides she could. Then, started to make some 70 armour pieces. Reached efficiency enough to have critical success. And then started to make critical lvl.33 light armour for my minstrel. Things were going good, I spoiled not too much leather and finally all armour was made and shipped.

StormSong, my Minstrel, went to Agamaur, to human fortress in the swamps. Quests there are around lvl.30, region is a big maze full of undead. However, the more undead, the sooner I will finish their slayer deeds (unlike bog-lurkers). Got to kill gloomwaters and 3 Gaunt protectors: did it all, although with some difficulties. Gaunts have their personal guard, so had to deal with 2 monsters at once. Later, took some quests in Garth Agarwen. Went there, thought my minstrel would sneak: not exactly. Monsters with some 4000 hp and in pairs mean almost certain death for my minstrel. However, there are many other quests to do, task items to turn to – I think I will do quests in other parts of Lone lands, grow up a bit and then return. Now my StormSong is lvl.30, I have to grow her to lvl.33 for quality armour and to ~lvl.39 for free passage to Garth Agarwen.

And so the day has ended. I had some fun, some runs in circles. Things are good in Lotro.