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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was little active, as usually:task items, log off. NaktiesKarys was more active – he went to North Downs and hunted lots of animals to get hundreds of sturdy hides – these were transferred to DunedanMule. And my DunedanMule crafted every single leather she could use. I do need her to make critted light armour for lvl.30s Minstrel. I made sturdy hides, then got efficient with the next tier – made pristinine hides, finally made some exceptional hides…and then all reserves I had ended.

My NaktiesKarys is almost doomed to animal genocide, to farm hundreds of hides, to travel far and wide. But this is how I craft my future victories. My minstrel with good armour and right trait setup should be and would be virtually instoppable. But to do that, Minstrel’s progression must be stopped for a while. First, I need quality light armour. Then, I wuld be forced to ask for weapon and jewellery. But at the end, my superior Minstrel would be wellcome in any fellowship.

Our kinnie that tried to leave now is performing very good, soloing one extremely hard warband. He told his fight took ~30 minutes, but he went victorious. I do not have such high self-confidence. However, yesterday took part in one instance (well, if there are >3 kinnies, Kinship organizes some run) – first one after Downgrade 13. I felt my Champion was squishy (too little damage, even with AoE against 2 or 3 on-level monsters), sometimes health droppingg too quickly. And yes, protecting lame Eagle’s egg was hard. There were 3 of us and we made it after 5th or 6th attempt. But we made it.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied, because my life in Lotro has some purpose once again. In will level up my Minstrel and will be of use in groups. Life is good, once again, in Lotro.