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Lord of the rings online

Weekend in Lotro:some runs, some chats and jumpings.

Vytautaz turned in task items and logged off. He’s gaining experience points this way, grinding his way to lvl.50.  NaktiesKarys chatted with friends, grinded Medium and Sturdy leathers. My other alt, crafter DunedanMule, produced some light armour, reached Artisan level in Tailor, received 2 crafting quests. Superior facility was waiting for me in Esteldin, but level 22 toon was a bit too low. I asked in regional chat and one friendly Hunter transported me.

StormSong, my minstrel alt, was active all the time doing every single quest in Bree land. The problem of Bree is – you outgrow content too quickly. You start slayer deeds, you do quests, turn in task items…and soon some quests are almost grey. And I did not start grindy North Barrows deeds yet… However, in Bree I did not care much about self-heals. Sometimes I one-shot enemy and move forward. Some quests were skipped: housing quest chain, lvl.15 poster in Bree and 2 quests that redirects to the Shire.

A time has come to move to Lone lands. Moving wasn’t too easy – I still do not own the horse. There I continued my quests/deeds. Taking almost any quest I could. Killing any monster I would need for deeds. Things got a bit harder there, my minstrel had to start some healing. Finally, I had to sneak into half-orc fortress, kill almost every single half-orc and slay their leader with his guards. As a champion, I failed there on-level. As a mini, I used self-heals and nuked enemies. Was a bit hard, but I did it.  Problems began, when I had to kill some Goblin leader. He took some elites a his guards and when I ran into two of them, I was killed. It was at lvl.26 that I was killed. Strange thing for minstrel.

The time has come to face standard question: what went wrong? Armour was not too wrong: not-crit, lvl.22 armour. Of course, I should stick to lvl.27, if it is better. Weapon – possibly outdated. Jewellery – I think, a bit outdated, but I do take everything I could from quests and equip the best I get. One kinnie inspected Stormsong and it came out Jewellery recipes do not offer good things for Minstrel untill lvl.30. Would have to ask for some nice club too.

We have a Hobnigan in the game – and looks like everyone went crazy for kicking poor chicken. Bree chat were spammed with “field X, need NN red/blue players”. My Kin played and played chicken kicking. Looks like there are tokens and if you are lucky, you may get a pet chicken. Non-combat, just decorative white or other coloured. Due to chickens – very little kinship raids.

I am starting to think if it was time to return to raids. Logic reason: need to have better equipment. Better equipment – longer lasting Champion; longer lasting Champion – less grumpyness; less grumpyness – brighter world.

And so weekend has ended. I felt almost immortal with my Minstrel, self-calculated what armour I needed and was…quite self-efficient. Life is good in Lotro once again.