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Lord of the rings online

There was an Update 13.1. Cosmetic, unimportant changes: few bugs fixed, some stuff corrected. The only half-positive thing: Turbine promised they decreased super-overpowered mounted Uruks. Perhabs it mean they will two shot, not – one shot any player. As promised, Champion class is “fixed”. As experienced players say, it mostly affects red line -which I do not play- and almost nothing in my own yellow line. Hence – no fixing for 75% of Champion class. Bravo for empty promises, Turbine.

In Kinship chat we discussed champions. Many of them agree Champions became squishy: 4-5 enemies means Champion is dead. Everyone agrees we should hope developers improve, not downgrade game…but the hope is too little, they promised to ruin the game for lvl.95 players. However, there are opinions that red line Champions would become overpowered (which means, blue and yellow- still under powered).

Vytautaz turned in task items. NaktiesKarys did Trollshaws, finished evil Wolf slayer and Wolf slayer (advanced), now only Worms and Crawlers remaining. I saw some quests I have not done yet…but does my lvl.95 toon really need them? No xp, no legendary items xp, coin rewards too small to bother with. Lucky for me, one kinnie asked for help in lvl.32 Sambrog. Our group was of 3 player (lvl.95 Hunter, lvl.95 Champion and lvl.32 Runekeeper), we did carnage very quickly. At least some relaxation in these dark times.

Age of Conan

I was active only in forums. Free players can post in F2P forums only, hence section for Guilds are closed for free players. Also, I was told it was forbidden to call any Guild to be good or bad. An unwise restriction, I’d have to admit. Got some interesting new information. The question is, would I go back to AoC. Nude priestesses are fun to giggle at, but if their true firepower begins at lvl.40 – what would I do before lvl.40?

And so the day has ended. I have earned some Turbine points while doing lower lvl. content. I am still feeling a bit miserable in Lotro and all Turbine’s promises sound like “Gandalf’s bank would fix Elven star destroyers that engage space ship Enterprise” – silly and empty.