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Lord of the rings online

Played too little. Naktieskarys had little to do, Vytautaz – too. Kinship, as usuallyk, organizes skraidd after skraid: a pity, I am too squishy to take any part in these.

Age of Conan

WindOfStorm did some quests and even petitioned. Some monsters were very hard – I simply could not take out 2 at once (and no option to take one by one). Died too many times. Finally, came up with simple solution:grind few levels and try to battle mobs on-level. Then I was able to defeat them.

Social aspects are almost none and in AoC I tend to be very un-social. Cold invites are rejected. I almost do not offer help with yesterday being exclusive. Groups are rare, except for high level ones. In combat, I am rarely helped and rarely help others. The truth is, in Lotro it could not happen.

Lucky for my Tempest of Set, got few heals. Reached lvl.10, invested into middle tree – I do need offense only. Heals are good, but even strongest defense fails if there is no offense.

Signed a petition (AoC method of adressing moderators) to report gold seller. Moderator appeared very quickly, asked if I could talk with him. I thought he was going to question about details – but he just told they ttok actions and if I needed any more help. No, I did not, i told I wanted ot hear they banned him. No, uncom does not comment on actions, but “you won’t hear about him [scammer] again”. Case closed, all things were done very quickly.

And so the day has ended. I have little to do in online games: Lotro is going to be hardcore one and AoC is not subtle enough. But anyway, life continues and my nudist Tempest of Set will continue her journeys.