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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active., Logged in, did many festival deeds and now is very close (some 6000 xp) to level 49. Tried to visit Methel strage – stage was empty, looks like it has zero popularity. Talked to kinship several times, folks keep doing instances which I can’t attend and raiding for First age symbols (which are of no use to me). One kinnie asked for help with Angmar monsters, but these were -in my opinion- on the edge of risk. Could not help kinnie – all thanks to Update 13 which made my toon squishy and worthless.

Age of Conan

WindOfStorm, nice Priestess-nudist was deleted. WindOfStorm, nice Tempest of Set, was born. Once again, as skinny as it could be, with as large chest as possible and all the time walking nude. Gameplay was better this time. I knew what I am supposed to do at the begining. Got 1 spell initially – some lightining one. It has lesser distance, but looks like lesser cooldown too, so I killed my enemies without a problem, even 2 of them. First boss, enslaver, was beaten on-level.

So far I am satisfied with the Tempest of Set (ToS) class. What I need from it  – is to become mobile self-healing artillery. Nuke enemy from the distance, paying very little attention to healing. If I one-shot enemy, there’s no difference if I had any healing at all. Another thing: I think, I would take only a part of Tortage epic (i.e. “Destiny”) quests. I need to finish all the quests in/around the city, reach level 20 and higher…and only then travel abroad.

And so the day has ended. I worked in Bree, trying to reach lvl.49.Tried new class in AoC. At least some fun with nudist blonde female big chested mages running around…