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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was easy and simple – all thanks to Update 13. Log in Vytautaz, do all Bree festival quests. Log in NaktiesKarys, take Hobbit present. I am not even doing Entwood dailies – see very little reason for this. Kinship talks about first age symbols and whether I got them. Of course, not, thanks to Update 13. And I am indifferent to what happens on Lotro. Fight is almost suicidal, hence not for me, crafting mastered (hence nothing to do). After festival I would have only Hobbit presents to do…and maybe help someone with some easy tasks.

Age of Conan

Necromancer, “NecroAxe” was born. A grumpy looking man smashing his way to endgame. Spellcaster, mediocre melee warrior. Untill lvl.10 it was pain, later I began using my mercyless army of undead, ending with some 6 zombies. Took some quests, but decided to wait for some lvl.20 to go to the dungeons (Ceremonies MAster and alike). Then ran into Destiny quests and ended in killing Strom, the tyran of Tortage. NPC appeared and teleported me to another city. In anger, I deleted al the quests in Tortage – only to find I could return there…

Army of Necromancer was impressive. I could solo things, I could attack target that was behind my range, I could one-shot weaker enemies. And I think it is numbers that count. The more zergs, the better chance for victory.

Fight at the Harbour and with Strom was too hard and no newbie would ever figure out what to do. After many many deaths I had to avoid all combat. Instant teleporting was disappointment for me. Yers, I could have told I want to go to daytime…but wasn’t sure if I would be able to find that NPC. Also, it was not a pleasant thing to see technical problems. Chat not working sometimes for me, sometimes for everyone else (and I got no infractions), then chat not working for all my toons, finally – being unable to post on forums because of…well, because of no logical reason.

New city (can’t remember name) wellcomed me in some Egyptian style, cult of Set and busy market. ALmost thought there would be no killings here.

In short, I enjoyed my Necromancer. With army of undead, he has higher chance to live than any other classes. Priestess of Mitra is not the one I thought to be. Not a ranged self-healing tank. Something very poor in melee and mediocre in spells. AoC should have taken Lotro’s Minstrel as a perfect example.

And so the day has ended. I have almost lost my faith in Lotro and AoC did not take Lotro’s place. My own easy mode low fantasy game is yet to be found. Untill then, will be levelling my own Necros.