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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was on maintenance – no official notes, hence probably minor big there and here. After that NaktiesKarys logged in, took Hobbit present and logged off. I have very little arguments to play Lotro. It is becoming hard, lots of players telling it, especially lvl.74-85, it will become harder. It won’t be the game I want to play. I am no more interested in amounts of TPs earned:why should I care if I had five of fifty or half million Turbine points? It matters not, as Darth Sidious once said. What matters are internauts’ searches and they are looking for phrases “Lotro still offline”, “Update 13 is shit”.

Age of Conan

My almost nude big chested blonde Priestess continued her journey. I grew up a bit, now am lvl.16, got 1 supportive spell (just not the ranged one…not satisfied). Took all quests I could. Of course, died many times, it was natural, but fun anyway.

One time was invited by some generous persons to the group and we ran through dungeons. Once even managed to heal teammate. Not too efficient, but still some use from me. Another time tried to fight two lvl.17 (me being lvl.16): dead end. Literally. My toon killed, I think I will wait untill I grow bigger. Visited White sand island, killed some stuff there and here.

Lower level monsters give only 1 xp and do not see me – I run through them unnoticed. It’s good I’m not distracted from normal fighting. Some killing is a bit repetative, like “kill 50 monsters of this type”. Hey, why 50, not 20? Less grind, more fun.

Local community is still nice offering advice when needed, but I have to figure many things myself. That’s not a problem – since Lotro is almost over for me, I have more time for my nudistic Priestess of Mitra.

And so the day has ended. Lotro was of almost zero interest for me (reminds of Darth Sidious: Do what must be done, Lord Vader…looks like I have to leave Lotro behind) and Age of Conan, despite savage world, was of real interest. Soloable, though sometimes very hard, content, good rewards, many things I knew from Lotro (trait trees, teleporting cooldown etc). The day has been good in AoC.