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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did one or two firework quests, turned in task items 8 times and logged off. NaktiesKarys did one Entwood quest and logged off. StormSong was inactive.

Lotro forums are full of information that lvl.74-85 quests became almost impossible. Many experienced players report mounted Uruks one-two shots anyone. But of course, it does not matter Turbine. If they continue it, one day they will end with 1 or 2 thousands very loyal very hardcore elitists, wanting to plan a raid to kill lvl.10 spider.

Age of Conan

Things were going kind of difficult there. No easy content, everything must be fought for and it does take time. My nude Priestess got a shield and it is shown on her nude body. A pity I can’t take it off.

Reached lvl.10. now I could distribute points in 3 Trait Trees. Somehow they are not new to me….Invested into Vengeance (assault one). Healings are of little use, I should be able to nuke everything. However, this system is more complicated, since it requires to be of certain lvl. Example: “You should have bought 5 upgrades and be lvl.15 to be able to use this”. I also have skillpoints and not investing them – should I waste time to increase climbing skill?

My cleric fought and healed, died many times and first time saw death penalty. Attacking enemy that is higher than you – not reccomended. Aggro means death. Quest book is organized much different than I had in Lotro. No deeds, no in-game “points” (like TPs) to unlock content.

Despite all of this, I enjoyed AoC. It’s fantazy with swords and spells, quests are good and I just feel both a bit lost and good here. I entered Dungeons, fought mobs here, helped other players, they helped me.

And so they day has ended. Life was dull in Lotro (firework-task item-Ent quesat, repeat),kind of interesting in AoC (half-naked Priestess half-nuking wolves, crocodiles, pirates…).