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Lord  of the rings online

As usually, NaktiesKarys did Entwood dailies. One camp was very succesfull – it featured Half-orcs, much needed for slayer deed. Also had some talk with Kinship, helped kinnie with Sambrog instance (level 20s – I can aid with that).

Vytautaz did Anniversary deeds. He really needs to reach level 49 at least to turn in another type of task items. Thus – fireworking, doing almost all anniversary quests near Bree. Still lacking ~100.000 xp to next level.

Stormsong still stuck with legendary quest: one worm got lost in ‘another dimension’, won’t appear even if I come close.

Age of Conan

Thanks to superb folks at mmorpg.com – looks like finally got my game. Customization was good, I created my (would I stop joking this way?) big-chested Priestess blonde Priestess of Mitra. Ranged class, but initially it is more melee. Bikini outfit was good, later got some rags they would like to call armour (was using broken bottle as a weapon). Local chats were helpfull, when I adresses in New Player Help [NPH], always got response.

Died many times, but thanks to God, death is not that bad – just resurrect and run for revenge. I enjoyed my ranged attack (icon reminds nuclear mushroom) as well as one that pulls enemies further. Yes, Priestess is fragile and cannot fight enemies of higher levels: I tried to kill one lvl.11 Panther and was killed by it.

Surroundings may look a bit brutal, but somehow inviting. Enemies are everywhere, spawn quickly and there are a lot of tasks in starter areas (at least city of Tortage does). Unfortunately, quests did not affect what would happen next. I proudly refused some of them…but it turned out, it had zero impact. A pity.  Citizens were interesting too – from public house Mistress (pirates did not pay her girls – I had to deal with pirates and return the payments) to blacksmiths and just thirsty folks wanting wine from the temple. Rewards are normal – got some good weapons this way.

Despite “oh, it’s solo content” – soon ran into Flesh Eaters. SOme genetically modified trees with their own minions. Was killed, had to retreat and did it only with the help of one friendly player. He asked if I wanted to join a Guild. I explained I was a newbie who knows nothing of the game and may ask million questions. He agreed and accepted, helped with Flesh Eaters.

Then they explained some things about game, including “vanity” tab on dressing. I really enjoyed vanity, since it helped to not show ugly piece of rags called “helmet”. My experiments ended in turning off every equipment, so that my nice blonde was running only with strings and a weapon. I laughed at that, but hey, that was funny.

I felt satisfied with the AoC. While not that warm like Lotro, it still may become my new home (as one in Lotro told – “with your motivation – not for long…”) where my Priestess would just nuke everything like Minstrel does. Where I could solo content. Where I won’t be afraid to fight because 2 mobs means death.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied with Age of Conan and will try to master my Priestess there. Maybe sun starts shining again for me.