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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did Entwood dailies. Same things again – go, do 3 quests, receive leaves and reputation, return to Bree for repairs. Lucky, was needed by one kinnie. We ran through Barrows sweeping any opposition, one-shotting named monsters and it was the only relaxing thing to do. Encountered one big hunting company in Haud Iarcith, joined…and then kinnie had to log off. A pity, it was very good and refreshing: to see I am still capable (despite recent downgrades) to fight.

Vytautaz logged, did some Anniversary deeds, received xp and logged off. With recent downgrades fight with on-level monsters for champion is pure suicide.

I never thought it would happen, but it did: http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/410348/looking-for-f2p-pure-PvE.html. Folks are advicing The Rift. Of course, kinnies are against. They state I won’t find better lore and they are right: Lotro is the only game based on rich lore. All other games are based upon something invented, that’s right too. But Lotro is becoming too hard, I may give mathematic proof for that.

The Rift

Tried to play, but even this game disliked me. Downloaded client – 11 Gigabytes, 40 minutes of waiting. Patching. Ok, time to play. Registred account, looged in…and X-files happened.

Monitor was blinking in black and white. Then some throne room appeared with silent music in the background,. I wasn’t able to anything, game crashed few times. Asked in local forums. Today received answer from tech support team what am I expected to do. Will try today. If not – well, maybe Aion.

My demands for game are very clear: free to play (without severe restrictions like in SWTOR), pure PvE or option to completely avoid PvP, easy mode. Deep crafting would be a bonus. Housing is an option, but not a must.

Would I be able to play Rift? What would happen to Lotro which is rolling down and down and down? Lotro may attract elitist raiders, but may as well loose soloers. Judging from Turbine’s own approach, instances were not popular, hence they are risking to lose majority. Is that what they want? Are soloers so worthless they can be thrown away? Not sure. When I switch to another game, I will miss Lotro. But it is developers’ choice to get rid off people like – not mine.

And so the day has ended: dull and grumpy without any perspective.