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Logged in yesterday. Same good folks from my old good Guild (The Universal Warriors), same warm atmosphere. I felt like a noob thoug – too much new content, need to travel and do things which I forgot how to do. We have pets (only one for free players; but heck, one is more than zero). Travelled, found no NPC, patience ran out, quit.

Lord of the rings online

The game was a bit grumpy. Vytautaz left Angmar, went to Bree, participated in Anniversary quests and began earning experience points this way. One quest – some 1685 xp and I need 166.000 to level 49. Would be a very very long way to go. But since fighting is almost impossible, I will stick to festivals or crafting.

NaktiesKarys did daily quests in Entwood. My Ent finally remembered second step: it takes 18 hours for an Ent to remember things. Quests done, monsters killed: went to Anniversary festival. Good to hear they honour their own tokens from previous year. I bought new horse and steed appearance, also full set of Moria maps.

Stormsong logged in, used all maps, received valuable TPs, did some quests though did not reach level 13. Overall Minstrel is still most enjoyable class. I can kill monsters from distance while running though I am having some troubles while killing even lower lvl. monsters:earlier one shot was enough, now I need few more.

Talked a lot in Kinship chat. At least there I be listened to and understood. Some kinnies tried to encourage me, but in vain. As I told – game I knew is almost gone. I am no longer good for anything, great many deeds will remain not done just because of being squishy. Even Tsuhelm’s proposed instances can’t do much: I’m too squishy for them. In fact, all that remains for me is do Entwood dailies and take Hobbit presents. Other activities are just not for me: being two-shotted is not fun at all.

First age symbol drop is almost registred on official forums. If I am not wrong, some 10 first age symbols are reported to be dropped. If we have 20 servers, that’s 0,5 symbol daily per server. Since we had two days of raiding – there is 0,025 symbol per day per server. Let us guess (no confirmed data) that only 10 raids are organized on one server in one day and we have very nice numbers. A proof game is going to be mission impossible.

I have made a post in mmmorpg.com forums. A post I thought I would never made. And yet is  – “Looking for f2p pure PvE game”. Since Lotro is downgrading to very hard mode, it is not the game I could enjoy. Istaria is good, but I have forgotten too much (and it has no mounts to travel quickly). Folks are advicing The Rift or Aion.

I am not sure: I want f2p without too much restrictions (that’s where SWTOR fails). I want pure PvE, since PvP never was an option for me. Crafting quality items would be good (that’s where Lotro fails: any instance stuff would be much better than crafted). Housing – of little importance. And, of course, easy mode. I want to go, to kill and relax, I don’t want to be strategist calculating every outcome. Anime, adult themes are a taboo, I’m not a fan of these.

So, if Lotro continues to fall, I would be forced to say – “Lotro, next stop -…” and switch to other game. A pity I do not have subscription: would gladly cancel it to show my attitude towards hard mode.

Meanwhile, the day has ended, I had 5195 Turbine points (nowhere to spend them) and I felt unhappy in Lotro.