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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued to quest in Entwood. Quest to go with Huorn and protect him while exploring went a bit long, there were too many points to visit and they did not disappear after visiting. Encountered one quest to locate tree…but it turned out I was expected to wait untill time expires. Did dailies. As usually, they were hard and more than two enemies at once is a suicide for Champion. My Ent needs to think and will think for 18 human hours. Interesting conception of dailyt quest…

Finally went to do epic quests…and looks like I have finished them too quickly. Talk with Gandalf, then Rangers coming to Aragorn, finally we saw Ents marching and it was really good. We went to Isengard to see it flooded and sealed. Then – various tasks from locals, from “go march” to “go inside, free NPC”. Met one Angmar witch, but my Rangers let her go. A decision they would certainly regret, but hey, there were impressed their friend was alive (a thing witch has told them). Too soon, Epic book ended. I missed some “interludes” to play for Ents. Why? Just because I thought Epic book would be very long, like Book 1 and there would be great many other quests. No, there wasn’t. A pity – I expected more, many more. It was compensated by iconic video wnding with “Saruman, your staff is broken!”. Finally, a justice (just let me cut traitor’s head off and play football with it).

Kinship organized skraid. Something I really wanted…but had to decline. I am not strong enough to survive, all thanks to destroying classes. I had to turn deaf ear to kinnie asking for help in lvl.60s instance, because I would hardly survive here too.

Fighting once more clearly shows downsides of the Update. Fight against more than 2 on-level monsters is impossible: got almost killed by 2 orcs in Iserngard dungeons. used heals, used bracing attacks and still hardly survived. Which makes me in a very bad position: I can no longer participate in any instances higher than (perhabs) lvl.30 or maximum 40. My level 95 toon is worth as much as level 9 or level 19 one.

First age symbol seems to be a myth more than reality. Forum reports 2 (or 3 drops) and my kinnie reported 2. That’s maximum of 5 reported drops from all servers by far. Auction houses are empty, which is natural: if item does not drop, no one could sell it.

In the forums we have tough discussion, me and many others trying to defend game from downfall while some elitists advocating extremely hard mode. But if they want “hard mode”, “challenge” and other myths – they are free to solo the Rift naked. There, they will have their challenges and hard modes and non-facerols. Why could they not go to some “full loot PvP” game?

Bright side: I am gaining marks and seals from almost any toon I log in. And Festival is there.

And so the day has ended. I had 5170 Turbine points, but left completely lost and grumpy because of downgrades. Questing was good, I really enjoyed it, fighting was on the verge of possible, but still doable…but thoughts about almost destroyed game makes me feel bad.  Life was…very inbalanced (good questing, extremely bad nerfing of classes, no instances, no real fighting, no aggroing)…in Lotro.