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Lord of the rings online

I was expecting Lotro to be updated at some 9-10 PM Lithuanian time…and was surprised Update 13 was ready way faster. Therefore, only NaktiesKarys was active, all other toon would have to wait.

First of all: tons of deeds completed. If you completed, say, Shire or Bree deeds – you get metadeed like “Slayer of Bree land”, receive some 100 marks, 1 key and 1 lootbox, sometimes – rune. I also got some potions, 2 maps and house decoration item. Lootboxes (lvl.10-50) were destroyed, keys deposited, one key and maps donated to kinnie.

Things started with Gandalf’s letter to ride to Rohan. I rode, game crashed, I relogged only to find quest was gone (letter too). Ok, time for the ents. Ride to Saruman’s fortress. And there – wellcome to Update 13…

Fortress looks very nice now. alls destroyed, fortification ruined, underwater levels flooded. Human settlement near former entrance with option to bind there and horse route. No sign of orcs or Saruman’s apprentices. Few fleeing Dunledings (well, guys, you have yourself to blame). An Ent gave me several tasks which I gladly did. Area was active, there were players in every territory. First quest – to search for Orcs in 3 locations (no sign of orcs). Auto-bestowed quests to free Dunlendings trapped in debris and tear up White hand banners. Search for seeds. Plant seeds. And then – move to new map, I will call it Ent Forest (EF).

And the quest in EF looks promising by far. I have to investigate there and here, clean stuff, search for seeds…and then daily quests began. They are made like Wildermore. Go to instance, kill leader. Oh, by the way, do this and that. Rewards – legendary item xp, reputation with the Ents and local barter currency – Fangorn leaves. This is where revamps first showed negative side: I was too weak to fight against 3 level 95 enemies. Health was dropping too quickly, so I had to pick maximum 2 enemies at once. Turbine also made precautions against frequetn use of “del”. If you are to search for stuff, they threw lots of walnut woods – so you target them. With the help of the Kinship I finished all of the daily quests.

EF quests, of course, involve ents. Look for seeds, find 3 little huorns, escort them, explore forest with Ent’s huorn. While you walk, huorn will ask you to do stuff, like investigate disturbed earth, kill flies etc.  Things were going good, reputation was flowing, new deeds received. And also – thanks, Turbine – there is Half orc camp, each Half orc contributes to Rohan Half-orc slayer deed (which was going too slow).

I forgot about Turbine points grind. Was looking at my inventory (now I can play with it, resize, increase or decrease slot size). I can purchase 5 slots for some 325 Turbine points. I can lock inventory bag 1, i can make it just one Super Big Bag. I can search in the inventory. Also, we can mail up to 10 items – superb news.

Developers also announced plans for next years. Housing is not an option, no radical revamp planned. A pity. Dear Turbine, please understand: place housing cosmetics under real ca$h shop and you will see how it works. Wanna Roof of Rohan HorseLord – here you are, only 9.99$ and it is bound to your account.  Want +5 crooks? Here you are, 5$ each.

New class confirmed, it would be Beorning, capable of chnging into bear. Light armoured (but when did bears need armour?).

First age relics are introduced. Unfortunately, they are rare-very rare drop form instances only. Very unwise move that won’t satisfy neither raiders (they have done every single instance at all difficulties) nor soloers.

In short, pros and cons:

  • New region, new quests: superb
  • This region being free for Helm’s Deep owners:superb
  • New quests: superb
  • New deeds, new Turbine points: superb
  • Pet huorn – very good
  • Advanced mail: superb
  • Trollshaws, NorthDowns, Misty Mountains revamped: I think, it’s superb.
  • First age recipes: superb, finally
  • New meta-deeds: very good
  • Rewards with marks and lootboxes for meta deeds: mediocre. Better give me 1 Turbine point
  • First age symbol: awfull, unless they have it as reputation item
  • Decreased statuses, at least for some classess: bad.

Overall by far Update13 is a success. I see Saruman’s fortress destroyed (have this for imprisoning ME! *evil laugh*), I can remember epic scenes from the movie and I am into understaning the world of Ents. There is new activity, and with daily quests I am planning to stay there for a long time, untill I grind Kindred with the Ents (and rep. keeps flowing, almost 5000 first day).

We have also discussed changes in Kinship chat. Some people are complaining about decreased vitality or (like me) First age symbol being practically impossible to get. Others just enjoy the content or keep asking. Most players tend to be satisfied.

And so the day has ended. I had earned 0 Turbine points, but was very happy with the new Update. Life is excellent in Lotro once again.