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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz turned in last task items, reached level 48…and had nothing to do. Entire level to gain before I could use other task items and equip some quality stuff.

NaktiesKarys did Wildermore dailies, several times killed Nala-Dum lizards (now some 130 out of 240). Asked for aid in Lamal-Nur morroval slaying. One hunter from the Kinship answered, so we went, killed whatever we found, let ourselves be killed, returned and finished killing. It gave me good results, now I have 80 out of 240 merrovails killed. Only 160 remaining.

And then I used 200 Khuzdul tablets to buy relics. Then deconstructed which took some time. And then started to craft from thousands of existing tier1 settings, gems and runes. Somehow managed to gain one tier 10 setting, but the job will continue. It requires much clicking and some coin investment too. Not too exciting job, but it has to be done.

WbaF continued and ended her journey. She did all she could, deposited some 700 silver coins to shared vault and was deleted. Her successor may be a new Minstrel, called StormSong. I will try to level her: it should be easier than to level Champion. However, these 2318 Turbine points to invest…and realistic deeds in regions from Bree to Mirkwood gives 2455 (including racial deeds). I did not count class deeds (~110 TPs). Which may mean megagrind.

We are all waiting for Update 13. Was talking in Kinship chat about this. Of course, making game harder does not make me happy, but after all we will have new quests, new deeds, new stories, a new pet and I would have new daily quests. Kinship tried to cheer me up (because of coming hardships). But that’s not a problem, I am in good Kinship and they would advice me what actions to take. The best thing is – I will be into action once again.

And so the day has ended I had 5035 Turbine points, new minstrel toon. Life was just excellent in Lotro.

Post scriptum. List of investments/return values.

race slot 1 95
race slot2 95
race slot 3 95
race slot 4 95
race slot 5 95
virtue slot 1 95
virtue slot 2 95
virtue slot 3 95
virtue slot 4 95
trait tree 1 195
trait tree 2 195
trait tree 3 195
trait tree 4 195
trait tree 5 198
trait tree 6 195
trait tree 7 195
riding skill 95

Return of investment (TPs):

  1. Bree: 305
  2. Shire: 190
  3. Ered Luin:180
  4. Lone Lands:230
  5. Evendim: 190 (only easy deeds)
  6. Angmar:195 (only easy deeds)
  7. Misty mountains: 125 (only easy deeds)
  8. Forochel: 175 (grim slayer excluded)
  9. Eregion: 175
  10. Enedwaith: 210
  11. Lothlorien:190
  12. Mirkwood:215————————–total 2455