Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz just logged in, turned in some task items and logged off.

NaktiesKarys was a bit lazy. Did Wildermore daily reputation deeds. Fortunately, these involved killing Uruks for very slowly advancing deed (Uruk slayer advanced). Then, went to kill Uruks in only farming location. Killing was quick, a pity I did not take my slayer deed accelerator – at the end of the day I lacked some 70 uruks. Tried to do Nala-Dum lizard slayer, but it goes very slowly. Some 20 lizards and I need to restart instance. Since I need ~200 lizards, this may take a while.

Our kinnie is power-levelling again and there are always people to help him. I went to tier 2 Swords Hall, we killed some Uruks, batgirls and one overgrown Giant. Experience for a kinnie was good, he is now level 69 Minstrel. Since I had some real-life things to do, I left this instance after few runs.

I do not understand why he is so much forcing power-levelling. In Moria levels I would support power-levelling: become lvl.65 so that you could freely travel in these grumpy, dark corridors. Level 69 means regions like Enedwaith (this ends at some lvl.65) and Dunland. Why not quest there? However, this is player’s choice. However, I feel I am instance-hungry. For a long time I had too little activity there and now, if opportunity arises, I am eager to go, no matter why, no matter loot may be not suitable for me (like lvl.60 bow).

Lotro forums report good news that after Update 13 task boards would accept “over-levelled” items. A chance for me to grind Heroes of Limlight Gorge reputation:kill whatever I meet, take needed items and hope for bright future (some TPs).

Edited:yesterday calculated Turbine points income should I start Great Slayer-Minstrel. Investment total: 2318 Turbine points (riding skill, 4 race slots, 4 virtue slots, 7 trait tree slots). Income: Bree -305 Turbine points, Shire – 190 Turbine points, Ered Luin – 180 Turbine points, Lone Lands – 230 Turbine points. Total income (Sarnur, Great barrow excluded): 905 TPs. Hmm…

And so the day has ended, I earned zero Turbine points, but am prepared for some grind today. I helped other players, had some fun killing Uruks and was massively crafting relics for future Legendary weapon. Life was very good in Lotro.