Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was a bit active.First it was Wildermore daily quests. Yet another 5 of them, reputation increase, though very very long way to go to Kindred. Then there was some hunting in Helms Deep lands to advance slayer deeds (and these do advance very slowly).

Surprisingly Kinship did only one instance – some Annuminas. We stormed and we won, I got some marks and some loot to sell (nothing impressive though). My AoE attacks were good, I was satisfied of it.

Vytautaz just turned in some tasks…and went to sleep again.

Talked with kinnies about classess: my champion (dislike it) and my beloved Minstrel. Warden is good too, but does require lots of efforts to master (remember/write down) and planning. Sometimes I am thinking about Minstrel: start a new toon with normal name and have fun. But this does require ~2000 Turbine points investment and re-doing all the epic quests, this running back and forth.

And so the day has ended. I had same 4715 Turbine points (none earned), but left satisfied. Hope today we will do Darth Naboo.