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Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play – real life event were a bit more important.

Vytautaz turned in task items, reached first level of reputation with Council of the North (5 Turbine points).

NaktiesKarys logged in and was offered to run some “DN” by my Kinship. Name sounded weird, so I just renamed it to “Darth Naboo”. Well, it was Dar Narbugud after all, but who cares?

I went into another hard raid. Initially monsters were not too problematic, AoE worked well and I got lots of deeds, from “kill NN of these” to “inspect these fungus”. Raid was big enough to do some slayer deeds and inspect various fungus species. First named monsters were not too problematic: group was strong, we had minstrels, life was good.

And then came The Blind One. A terrible, too hard monster that spawns Darklings (and Darklings, if touch player, form “black holes” – you cannot move, but can be attacked or healed. Frozen for 10 seconds, in short). Then it spawns Shadows, each equal to original monster. Killing fast is a must, but we were wiped several times in a row. I went to despair once again. What force could deal with such evil that multiplies? I am starting to lose belief in any strategy, but brute force: gather 100 minstrels and ask them to attack at the same time. Finally, we were able to deal with this monster, went through several others and finally were victorious.

After some rest we went so Samat Gul, done it…and it was high time for me to sleep.  This “Darth Naboo” raid was interesting, but hard (and I do not like hard ones). If not deeds, I probably would abandon it: now, I have to do deeds here. Samat Gul left me very disappointed. I met with one Orc, attacked him with the strongest attacks…and took too little hp while my colleagues were doing much better. I was wiped by final monster in Darth Naboo…and my colleague, lvl.95 Champion hold the line almost all the time. Something -once again- is wrong with me. Not sure what it is though.

I also tried to loot (voted “greed”) LI runes, applied to low level items, later deconstruct them and gain some add-ons, like “setting of might”. Got several lvl.95 legacies to use on future First Age. I will use more smart approach: will go to Hytbold, loot every single dropped Champion stuff, level it, decon it and use only those legacies I will really need, like AoE, Bracing attack heal and so on. Thus, I will have an almost perfect weapon.

And so the (short) dau has ended, I had 4715 Turbine points and felt happy. Life was good in Lotro.