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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys felt still grumpy after last failures with the Rift…but things were not going that grumpy.

First, it was Forges of Khazad Dum. Teamed with one verfy kind Hunter and tried to kill last 36 trolls here. Had to use slayer deed accelerator and managed to finish within second run. Hurray, this deed was finished and some others too. Got nice number of Turbine points + titles + Nimble Goat. Goat looked really cool, a battle one and it had +68 speed. I was very satisfied with this.

Next, came Lumul Nar, the kingdom of merrevail and mirrors. Teamed with 2 kinnies to do deeds: collect mirror shards and kill some merrevail (in Moria and Lumul Nar). Kinnies knew how to operate mirrors, for me it still remains mystery. Finished crystal collecting, one merrevail slayer…and then by accident killed main merroval. Instance was over, but I will do it many times untill I kill all 240 merrevail.

Then went to one instance near Echad Mirobel, finished slayer deed here and one more time witnessed epic story, featuring Amarthiel (need possibly two more runs here to finish deed). Finally, was able to help kinnie with Sambrog, yet another time using /mock on this monster. With Sambrog being lvl.57 and me being 95, all I can say is – poor Sambrog!

Only few deeds remain in Moria and these are grindiest ones. Even slayer deed accelerator won’t help much, but I am determined to do them all. Kinship, as always, is of much help and they have more optimistic approach. For example, I take Rift raid as failure – they think as of victory.

Vytautaz continues to turn it task items and growing this way. He used all Moria reputation items and grew up a bit, earning yet some valuable TPs. DunedanMule, my own alts were inactive.

And so the day has ended, I had 4690 Turbine points, was in good mood. Life was good once again in Lotro.