Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was the only active. Helped one kinnie with instance, but as there were 2 tanks…Sambrog hunt at some lvl.52 turned into massacre. Undead had no chance versus my AoE and Minstrel’s nukes. Sambrog could cheat as much as it wished – it did not help him to survive a second longer.

I went to hunt and do my class deeds. Hunt was kind of success – finished Warg slayer (adv.), Boar and bear slayer (adv.) and Troll slayer (adv.) deeds on Western Rohan. Harvested Eorlingas ore and earned some 4 Emeral shards this way.

Otherwise there was a grey day. Somebody organized Big Battle (and I do hate it), but almost no activity other than this. I tried to run Sambrog for my Vytautaz, but got only lame Crossbow instead. And I do need lots of instances for my lvl.95 Champion to get all good equipment.

However, soon I may be stuck in the middle of Nowhere – again. There are deeds I could finish (I’m good at grinding) and one day I will finish these. But one day I will run into almost impossible deeds. What’s then? So far, no ideas.

Bright side of these grey days: since Turbine store offers nothing of interest, I am collecting Turbine points so that one day I could allow many many usefull purchases.

And so the day has ended, I had 3570 Turbine points. Life was grey in Lotro.